A game made in 7 to 8 hours, for the Disc Room Game Jam.

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(17 total ratings)
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Tagsdiscroomjam, Game Jam, Mouse only, mouton, sheeps, Singleplayer, survive, trijam91, wolf


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L'ambiance est tellement sympatique J'aime bien les  couleur vive et l'animation du jeux (;

dig it.

what a cute take on the 'room' side of the theme! i ended up with quite a blood-splattered room :') super charming experience! (who did the barking? ^^)

Thank you! I did all the sounds, even for the wolves :D

Perfect sound design. I managed to save 15. Nice work.

This is cute! Looks and sounds lovely, and the mechanics are really novel!

I wish I could save all the sheep.

Only saved 9 :c
Pretty fun, interesting and original concept! I like the artstyle and I love the barks of the dog xD

Love the interpretation, neat game! :) 

The sound effects are my favorite part!! Perfect.

Franchement c'est bien ! Simple mais efficace ! Bravo

Génial j'ai adoré :)

J'ai sauvé 8 mouton à mon first try. Le jeu est cool, bien joué! (Super bruitages)

Merci ! 8 moutons au premier try c'est pas mal du tout :D


Pas mal l'idée, j'aime beaucoup la direction artistique aussi !
Le mieux reste les aboiements du chien xD hahaha 

Content que tu aies kiffé ! Et j'aime bien les sons aussi, j'ai tout fait à la bouche ahah