THIS IS THE POST JAM VERSION (an additionnal day of work for balancing and adding the tutorial screen)
You have to defeat the holy Belmont by sending your minions. Make him suffer and upgrade your powers before he does the same and become too powerful!


Left click to sumon slimes / right click to sumon bats


  • Purple flame: upgrade both the max and the regen speed of your mana.
  • Slime: gives more life and better speed to your slimes, as well as an additionnal slime every summoning.
  • Bat: gives more life and better speed to your bats, as well as an additionnal bat every summoning.

Made in 2 days for the GMTK Jam 2023. 

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TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam


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ah cool les vague ainsi que les upgrades !

too easy

I Love this game!

I love the art! The style is really cool

Belmont OP big time. But a great challenge

I didn't to win yet, but I enjoyed it!