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Really adorable little game <3

Thank you!

This was such a cute experience! I love the art style, too.

I made a Let's Play video of it and I enjoyed playing through it a lot.

Thank you for doing a video about our game Frances! I'm glad you liked it. Have a wonderful year 😊

this is so lovely. i'm especially loving the art style!! <3 

Thank you for the kind words 🙏

Very cute :)

Thank you!

so cute! i never noticed i got this game in a bundle a couple years ago, so i'm only now playing it. it's delightful.

Thank you Lime! Glad you finally found time to play our game <3


doc geraud

Absolutely delightful! So cute!

Thank you <3

Adorable :-)

Thank you!

cutest art ever

Thank you!

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So cuuuuuute!

Thank you!

Beautifully animated and so endearing! 

Thank you for playing our game!

this is very sweet <3

Thank you!

Lovely game! I enjoyed the style <3

Thank you =]


this was so awesome! great art and really kinetic and fun, more so than point n clicks usually are


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!


This is super cute! Thank you for sharing your work :)

Very cute.


Very cute and with a nice lil' story that you, as a player, can influence.

Really cuteeee !


Played this with my four year old godson. He really loved it. Cute art, basic critical thinking scenarios, and enjoyable for all ages. 


I played through this a while back and it's wonderful. Playing through the series of snippets is great, and just seeing the characters interact over the time is excellent. Definitely worth playing. Thanks for making it.

We are looking forward to discussing Un Pas Fragile LIVE on Thursday, December 10th at 7 pm EST  on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)! 

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This short interactive experience is packed full of character. The art style and audio design bring the story to life in a fun and charming way. Bonus points for also using strong visual cues to represent auditory information! Female-only protagonist, though this is only apparent through the description, as the game uses no words. 4/5 stars - excellent.


a fantastic short story! i liked how the cereal was ants and eating flies was socially acceptable


very cute


Lovely! Merci

Nice story!

Très touchant et sensible. Bravo !

Please make a mac version <3

Deleted post

Serait-il possible que l'apk d'"un pas fragile" soit ajouté au pack Itch vu que celui-ci existe déjà sur le Play Store ?

Merci pour ton jeu Doc et bon courage pour le développement de Buisson.

C'est vraiment super mignon ! :o Les interactions sont super simples, mais parviennent à faire sourire à chaque fois. :)

J'ai hésité à l'acheté à cause de la durée du jeu, mais je l'ai acheté et je ne suis pas déçu. Un jeu trés beau graphiquement, avec un gameplay à la souris trés intéressant. Bravo @DocGeraud !

Bravo pour ton jeu @DocGeraud ^^


FR: Jeu simple, mimi, court, mais pas besoin de plus. Expérience agréable et relaxante =)

ES: Juego simple, corto, bueno, bonito y barato, pero no necesita más. Bonita experiencia, relajante =B

EN: Simple game, nice, short, but it doesn't need more. Nice experience, relaxing =D


Merci pour écrire en trois langues. - Une etudiante du francaise